CEO’s Message for the 10th Anniversary of RASIS Corporation
Since many years, individuals have turned dramatically towards the use of mobile phones. Approximately 90% of world population use mobile phones, however mobile signal is still weak in some areas
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Baking trays and bread pans are among the most amortized equipment in bake production
Washing and cleaning baking trays are amongst bakeries’ everyday challenges and tasks. Cleaned trays affect quality of products while it guarantees hygiene and healthiness
In order to a subscriber in a geographical location be connected to the other in another side of the city, two types of connection is needed technically. One between the subscriber and BTS station and the second between BTS and MSC. This article explain t
In RASIS Bakeware content team, we monitor all bread relevant news and events every day, Last week we found this interesting game named “I am Bread” that this blog article introduces the game.
In each part of the city that you have mobile antenna, means that you are connected to a BTS Station