Prefabricated Structures

Prefabricated Structures and Buildings


Prefabricated buildings are structures with different components (walls, floors and ceilings) that are manufactured in the factory and implemented on the project site based on the architectural plan.

These parts can be fully or partially assembled in the factory and then transported to the site. This construction method is preferred over other methods for small buildings due to its cost-effectiveness and high execution speed.



Advantages of prefabricated buildings:

   . High implementation speed
   . Excellent quality
   . Low construction cost
   . Use of new technologies
   . Energy saving
   . Can be used in office spaces, workshop equipment, temporary facility structures, medical camps, schools, apartment blocks, villas, etc.



Rasis company with its own presence in the field of prefabricated structures for many years and the implementation of several national projects in this regard, as well as having well-experienced experts, has the possibility to cooperate in this field with all builders and employers.