Tips to boost mobile phone signal strength

Tips to boost mobile phone signal strength



Since many years, individuals have turned dramatically towards the use of mobile phones. Approximately 90% of world population use mobile phones, however mobile signal is still weak in some areas

In this article, we want to get you familiar with some tips that you can increase your mobile network signal.

Increase the height of the location of mobile

The higher the altitude, the greater will be the power of the mobile phone signals and your mobile can provide better

coverage.Suppose you're at the bottom of a hill, if you climb the hill you can see an increase in signal strength.

Remove any obstacle

Physical obstacles such as high rises and thick walls at home weaken the signals of your mobile phone.

So put your phone in a place like near the window which has less physical barriers around it. Or if you have signal problem in the street, go to an intersection to get more signals.

Keep your phone away from electronic devices

Electronic devices such as laptops, iPad, TV & Radio, have their own signals. As a result, they reduce the signals that your phone receives.So turn off Electrical devices near your phone or your keep your mobile phone away from these devices.

Charging the battery

Low battery charge, significantly reduces the signal strength.So if your mobile charge is less than 50%, be sure to charge is so that the charge is more than the half.

Change the mobile network in 2G mode

If your smartphone is on 3G and 4G mode and it has distance from 3G and 4G telecommunication towers, you will not get a good signal.So if you need to make a call at that moment, you can switch your mobile phone network to 2G.

Use mobile phone signal amplification devices

Mobile signal booster devices, increases the signal level in the environment by receiving weak signals on certain frequencies and to strengthen that bond.  The process is used for places that are faced with weak mobile signal problem.

Switching the mobile operator

If you think the operator that you are using its services doesn’t have good coverage at your local area, we recommend you to use the services of another mobile operator.

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