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Rasis Holding Story:

Holding of the Rasis Metal Industries was established in May 2006. We, with great eagerness, sought to create an entrepreneurial holding in the country, we inspired the Mitsubishi Holding to establish different business units. In the first year of its establishment, Telecom's Metal Industries Complex was founded with the focus on designing and producing metal structures and equipment needed by mobile operators. At that time, Irancell's operator was almost starting to work, and demand for these products was high while there was not enough supply. The Telecom Rossi unit has up-to-date equipment for many mobile operators in the country as well as Vendors and their contractors. Click here to view these products.

In 2008, the bakeware equipment unit was established. The idea of ​​the establishment of this unit originated from the family history of the founder of the company, Dr. Mostafa Morshdi, one of the largest producers of bread and pastry machines. By looking at the market at that time, we found that in advanced countries, there are companies that specialize exclusively in the production of such equipment. In the event that the equipment was manufactured in Iran by non-specialists. We have identified this opportunity at Rasis Holding and have provided a highly specialized product to the market and neighboring countries that are competitive with all of the same products in the world. Click here to view these products.

Iran Fence Company was established with the mission of designing and producing the required metal products in the building sector, industry and protective measures in 2013. In fact, we have the experience of 10 years of telecommunication fence production, now specializing in this industry for other industries, and using Expandables, we now have diverse products such as fence, modern metal facades, and decorative metal elements. Design and production. Click here to view these products.