Iran Fence

Rolling Fence

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4,000,000 ریال excluding shipping

Description and Specifications: warm Galvanized fence is the most common fence, and is custom-made to the employer's request, with horizontal profiles for reinforcement and spearhead (rodent) with ring barbed wire. applications: To enclose public and residential sites with the use of separation and protection of military sites and ...

Fence Type C

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16,800,000 ریال excluding shipping

- It is designed to protect mobile sites or other locations with different levels of security. - Angle frame with mesh LW 60 and CW 22. - Thickness 2 mm. - Frame dimensions: 181 * 127 ,Height 3 meters. - According to MTN Irancell standards. - Prove connections with CO2 welding. - Double lame door prepared for entrance, Possibility to install the door in the corner or in the middle of the site. - No access to hinges from outside the fence for higher security. - Opening the door to the outside of the site due to lack of contact with the equipment inside the site. - Completely secured with guard from top. - Use barbed wire for better security. - Reinforcement of frames with 20*20 mm Profiles. - Price is by Per Meter

Expanded sheet ( Stretch metal )

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- Production and design of different expanded sheets with different thickness and dimensions of the fountain. - Available in standard or custom sizes. - Producible with iron, aluminum and stainless steel alloys. - Uses: interior and exterior decoration of the building (facade), stairs, fences, shields, false ceilings, false floor and .... - The standard width of the sheet: 100 and 125 centimeters (the widths less than the standard will be calculated with a throwback). - Thickness of all kinds of sheets: from 1.5 mm to 8 mm. - Types of springs: 14 * 32, 22 * ​​60, 28 * 75, 38 * 100, 50 * 150, 60 * 200, 70 * 250 mm. - Prices are in 1 square meter.