5Ways to Increase Lifetime of Baking Trays

 5Ways to Increase Lifetime of Baking Trays



Baking trays and bread pans are among the most amortized equipment in bake production

The period of renewing baking trays to many factors such as baking frequency, climate and bake conditions. This article suggests five methods help you increase lifetime of your baking trays and increase your business ROI

Storing trays

Before storing tray for the next baking cycle, clean them and organize them in right place. Trays should be stored in dry place. Do not lay trays on the other in improper ways that damage edge of trays, and prevent deformation

Temperature Changes

Do not expose trays to sudden and high temperature changes, this causes damages in molecular format and decrease resistance against hits. This is especially important for coated trays, do not put hot trays in cold place or do not cool them with water as it damages the coating cover

Prevent burning in oven

It is recommended that do not use more than 150 C when baking bread. High temperature cause deforming and oxiding trays

Clean trays from burnt oil

Burnt oil on trays surface cause creating a layer on the tray that decrease quality of bread and increase the weight of tray for handling. Use of cleaning material in fixe periods to remove these layers to increase trays lifetime

Handle by Care

The most important cause of damage is improper handling of trays. Edge damages decrease the solidity of trays and decrease its lifetime

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